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SnoStop® Snow Eliminators prevent snow intake into HVAC systems.

Critical outside air systems can’t afford to shut down during snow events. Accumulation of snow in a building’s intake plenums can interfere with proper functioning of the HVAC system, leading to operational disruptions or costly moisture problems.

SnoStop snow eliminator filters can keep up to 99% of snow particles from entering the air stream at 650 fpm velocity during a snow event.

Customizable heat trace-equipped panels can be retrofit into existing installations or designed into new air handling systems. SnoStop panels can install behind intake louvers in the plenum or be mounted in a weather hood opening.

Investment in SnoStop technology can extend the life of your HVAC system and solve the maintenance headaches that snow buildup can cause.

Patented SnoStop technology puts an end to snow blockage and carryover into HVAC systems…and their expensive consequences.

Features & Benefits of SnoStop® Snow Eliminators.

All Stainless Steel

Consisting of a highly effective stainless steel media contained in an all stainless frame, SnoStop eliminators assure long life in the most aggressive environments.

Energy Efficient

No filter or louver can beat SnoStop’s low pressure drop—just 0.02” SP at 500 FPM—allowing lower fan horsepower.

Easy to Install

SnoStop Snow Eliminators can be installed behind louvers or in the opening of weather hoods. The compact design means minimal extra space is needed. Conduit fitting and pigtail leads are provided for wiring into building electrical.

Easy to Maintain

Panels should be mounted in an accessible location for routine inspection. Cleaning is easy with hose-end sprayer.

Compliant with ASHRAE

Standard 62-2001: Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality.

Proven Performance

The snow eliminating capacity, defrosting capability and pressure drop have been tested in a calibrated environmental test laboratory. These tests included simulated snow falls for extended time periods, of up to 8 inches per hour. Actual installations of 100% outside air systems confirm the lab results.

Applications for SnoStop® Snow Eliminators.

  • Prevents shutdown of critical outside air HVAC systems due to snow events by blocking snow from entering the air stream

  • Factory-built and custom-designed for the application, panels consist of high performance stainless steel mesh in an all-stainless frame and feature state-of-the-art heat tracing for reliable defrosting and snow elimination

  • Can be installed behind an intake louver in a plenum or mounted in the weather hood opening of an outside air system. Requires a power source through field wiring and can be incorporated into the building controls system

  • Can be retrofit into existing installations or designed into new projects

  • Suitable for most horizontally mounted applications where protection is afforded from the direct effects of weather

  • For louver installations, SnoStop is most effective where high windloading is not present and typically requires a minimum of 12 inches between the SnoStop installation and the louver

  • Common SnoStop applications include healthcare or clean room facilities, labs, schools or public buildings located in snowy or cold, windy climates

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