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FilterGuard® Filter Protector. A moisture eliminator breakthrough for blow-through HVAC systems.

Wet filters in an HVAC system can lead to costly moisture problems and seriously compromise indoor air quality.

FilterGuard technology solves psychrometric problems downstream of the cooling coil by lowering relative humidity and removing moisture from the air stream.

FilterGuard moisture eliminators have low air pressure drop and prevent high pressure drops in filters resulting form water or fog entrainment.

Customizable heat trace-equipped panels with moisture eliminating media mount on the discharge face of the cooling coil frame. Moisture removed from the air stream is carried by a conventional drain pan.

An investment in FilterGuard moisture eliminators prolongs filter life, enhances system performance and safeguards indoor air quality.

Features & Benefits of FilterGuard® Filter Protectors.

All Stainless Steel

Consisting of highly effective stainless steel media contained in an all stainless frame, FilterGuard panels assure long life in the most aggressive environments

Energy Efficient

Unlike three- and six-bend moisture eliminators, FilterGuard causes minimal pressure drops, allowing lower fan horsepower.

Easy to Install

FilterGuard mounts with brackets to the discharge face of the cooling frame, with electrical connections made via extended pigtails. FilterGuard’s slim 1” profile requires minimal extra space, leaving drain pans fully accessible.

Easy to Maintain

An all-stainless FilterGuard eliminator could well outlive your HVAC system. Simply perform an occasional visual inspection and cleaning to remove dirt and foreign substances.

Compliant with ASHRAE

Standard 62-2001: Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality.

Proven Performance

The moisture eliminating capability and pressure drop characteristics of FilterGuard eliminators have been tested in an ARI certified test facility. The mesh media is designed to remove 90% of all particles in excess of 12 microns at velocities up to 700 fpm.

Cost Effective

FilterGuard eliminators solve the problem of wet filters downstream of cooling coils, thus prolonging filter life.

Applications for FilterGuard® Filter Protectors.

  • Provides reheat to cooling coil discharge in blow-through systems so as to reduce relative humidity and prevent saturation of filters

  • Custom designed panels consist of a highly effective stainless steel moisture eliminator media in an all stainless frame and heat traced for reheat purposes

  • Panels mount to the discharge face of the cooling coil frame, with electrical connections made through extended pigtails

  • FilterGuard is ideal for addressing warm and humid conditions and can be incorporated into HVAC renovations or custom air handlers

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