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Moisture Control
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with Mistop Moisture Elimination Products

FogStop® Fog Eliminators used to prevent fog damage to pre-filters.

Utilizing our innovative high performance moisture removal mesh, FogStop panels remove water droplets as small as 10 microns. FogStop is constructed entirely of all-welded stainless steel and provides years of efficient and trouble-free service in the harshest of outdoor environments.

Features & Benefits of FogStop® Fog Eliminators.

All Stainless Steel

Consisting of a highly effective stainless steel media contained in an all stainless frame, FogStop eliminators assure long life in the most aggressive environments.

Energy Efficient

No filter or louver can beat FogStop’s low pressure drop—just 0.02” SP at 500 FPM—allowing lower fan horsepower.

Easy to Install

FogStop Fog Eliminators can be installed behind louvers or in the opening of weather hoods. The compact design means minimal extra space is needed.

Easy to Maintain

Panels should be mounted in an accessible location for routine inspection. Cleaning is easy with hose-end sprayer.

Compliant with ASHRAE

Standard 62-2001: Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality.

Proven Performance

FogStop panels remove 95% of water droplets larger than 10 microns, with pressure drop no greater than 0.1".

Applications for FogStop® Fog Eliminators.

  • Can remove particles from humidification systems that generate particles too large to absorb in an air stream

  • Can prevent moisture accumulation in filters in environments where fog-laden air enters the air stream from outside

  • Typical installations might include hospitals, clean rooms, schools, correctional facilities or any place that experiences fog or cooling tower drift

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