SnoStop® Snow Eliminators prevent snow intake into HVAC systems.

Critical outside air systems can’t afford to shut down during snow events. Accumulation of snow in a building’s intake plenums can interfere with proper functioning of the HVAC system, leading to operational disruptions or costly moisture problems.

SnoStop snow eliminator filters can keep up to 99% of snow particles from entering the air stream at 650 fpm velocity during a snow event.

Customizable heat trace-equipped panels can be retrofit into existing installations or designed into new air handling systems. SnoStop panels can install behind intake louvers in the plenum or be mounted in a weather hood opening.

Investment in SnoStop technology can extend the life of your HVAC system and solve the maintenance headaches that snow buildup can cause.

Patented SnoStop technology puts an end to snow blockage and carryover into HVAC systems…and their expensive consequences.

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Snow eliminator keeps snow out of HVAC systems and is ideal for high outside air requirements in snowy climates.
Snow filter blocks snow from entering intake plenum.
Keep snow out of your ducts.