FilterGuardĀ® Filter Protector. A moisture eliminator breakthrough for blow-through HVAC systems.

Wet filters in an HVAC system can lead to costly moisture problems and seriously compromise indoor air quality.

FilterGuard technology solves psychrometric problems downstream of the cooling coil by lowering relative humidity and removing moisture from the air stream.

FilterGuard moisture eliminators have low air pressure drop and prevent high pressure drops in filters resulting form water or fog entrainment.

Customizable heat trace-equipped panels with moisture eliminating media mount on the discharge face of the cooling coil frame. Moisture removed from the air stream is carried by a conventional drain pan.

An investment in FilterGuard moisture eliminators prolongs filter life, enhances system performance and safeguards indoor air quality.

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Filterguard filter protector for moisture elimination in HVAC systems.
Filterguard moisture eliminators for cooling coils.